Monday, April 30, 2012

Nyomi's 2nd Birthday Party...

If you happened to have read my previous posts, then you'd know that my little angel, Nyomi Anne, had just turned 2 the past Tuesday, the 24th, and had her birthday party the past Saturday, the 28th.

Before I continue though, I wanted to first share a picture of her actual party invitation card since the last one I posted on here was an e-invite image.

Anyway, the card says it all... The party was a Sesame Street inspired party...
In the hopes for at least a cloudy day, we still went ahead and decorated and set up the front and backyard...
But as expected, it sure wasn't a sunny day that swept the clouds away! LOL! The sun only came out for a bit and then mostly rain and it was really cold. So we had to move a lot of stuffs back in the house. And even though I've been stressing about the weather, thinking that it's gonna be too crowded inside the house... It actually wasn't so bad and we all had a great time!

Here's her Sweet Table that had to be set up at the garage LOL!!!
Remember my vent about the cake? LOL... Well, I still wish it had been done... I still wish the cake designer did not back out on me like that. But I'm glad that I found a not-so-bad one at Wal-Mart! LOL! I have to get two separate cakes though to make it a two-tiered cake myself because if you ask for a two tier cake made, they consider it as a wedding cake and it costs a whole lot LOL!!! Weird and stupid but oh well... I found something ok so I'm not gonna throw a fit.
Ahhh the sesame street cupcakes... simply made out of colored icings, candy melts, peanut m&ms, oreos, chips ahoy and bugles chips! LOL!!!!!
Here's the lamp post that Noel made and the backdrop. I got this image from Aaron over at flickr, with permission to edit and use of course. I am also planning to sell the backdrop too but I have to go to the post office to check the shipping prices before I do. So if you're having a sesame street party in the future... let me know! I will definitely set up my etsy soon ;)
And yay! The happy birthday girl! She really had a blast! And I'm glad she did!!! Everything paid off! And thanks to those who came and joined the fun! If you're wondering where are the pictures of the food... uh... LOL... I didn't get to take much shot of it... a lot of our friends came early so as soon as the dish is ready... serve! LOL!

Now before I sign off... And aside from my family that helped made this party happened, there are certain friends and vendors that I want to give credit to...

1. Rhodora Suematsu (Nyomi's Godmother) - For the party decors!!! I couldn't have done it without her support LOL!
2. Hanna Boyle (Nyomi's Godmother) - For the large street signs and the backdrop.
3. Shop Sweet Lulu - For the pretty packaging supplies
4. HeyYoYo - For the cupcake liners

For these printables, you can go to:
For the backdrop and street sign, you can go to:


  1. Do you still have the backdrop? And what did you do for the light post? Great pictures Rachel

  2. Hi Rachel, yes! I still do have the backdrop... the weather has been real bad that I haven't had the chance to go to the post office to inquire about the shipping cost. I will this week :)

    as for the light post. We just printed out the street sign and stick it on a cardboard then stick it on a tube with a ball as the light that my husband made LOL!

  3. hey lady, I love the new blog. I just blogged about this post on my page. Great ideas and creativity.

  4. Thanks TLhayden... :)

    Hoppin' over ;)

  5. Absolutely love this party design. Those cupcakes are amazing...well done making those!

  6. Hey there... Ive been searching high and low... For this type of backdrop... I nearly thought I had it too... But now I'm not too sure... I found one with your exact pictures on a site called "party prints & pieces"
    Would u know if this site ^ is legit?!

    1. Yes! It's legit and it's my shop! :)