Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How To Change Blogger Simple Template Sidebar Background Color Part 2

Previously, I shared a little tip on how to change your sidebar background color with the new blogger interface's simple template. I was going to share more infos on that but I got really sleepy LOL!

Anyway, I will get into a little bit more details today and share how to change the background color of a certain widget only rather than the whole sidebar.

Again, this is for the New Blogger Interface "Simple Template"...

First: Go to Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed

Second: Press "ctrl+f" for windows or "command+f" for mac and find the code below

Third: Right below that code, look up the widget id name for that particular widget you wanted to change the background color on. For example, if it's the followers widget, then the widget id is "Followers1"... Take note: It is case sensitive.

Fourth: Once you got your widget id, find this code below again to start working on your css.

Fifth: Right above that code, copy and paste this code below

*Remember to replace your widget id where it says Followers1 and change the color where it says ffffff*

Last: Click Preview or Save Template and you're done! :)

So there you go! Hope this has helped in some way... somehow! LOL! Please be advised, that again, I'm no expert... I'm just sharing what worked for me! So if ever, do take your bitterness elsewhere! LOL! Thank you and have a good day/night :)


  1. This isn't working for me. The background color won't show up. I'm using the simple template

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  3. Do you know how to change the width of the sidebar? So it is not exactly flush with the text?