Friday, December 9, 2011

Demo: Save Me...

Here's a song composed and arranged by my dear friend, Antonio Serrano Jr., and was asked to sing the demo for him.

And I tell you, I kept weeping every time I started recording this and so this is the best I could do. Such a beautiful Christian song and I hope you like it too!

Credit to Antonio and to God be all the glory...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lunches For Kids...

Are your kids bored of their lunches you have made and packed for them? Do you want something new and make your kids show off what you have prepared for them to their classmates and actually eat them? Well, read on...

A great friend of mine, Hanna Boyle, has been so creative lately making lunch for her son, JC, inspired by japanese "bento" food... (would love to link her, but she does not have a blog) and since I got permission from her to share these pictures with you, here are some ideas on what you can do.

Aren't they sooo darn cute?!

Really... so stinkin' cute!

And here's my oh so favorite... ANGRY BIRD!!!! hahahaha anyone who's got a smart phone knows who or what angry bird is hehehe... just amazing!

So hopefully this will inspire you too :) If you want any of these picks, dividers, containers and moulds... just leave a comment ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nyomi's ONEderPOOL Birthday...

My princess, Nyomi Anne, turned 1 just the past sunday, April 24th. Yep, lil easter baby... and I've been working on her party decor together with my hubby, Noel, for over a month... so I just had to share her pool party with you all.

Just a piece of advice though... if and when you have an upcoming event/party... DO hire a photographer LOL! (Or have a friend help you out)... I made a mistake by trying to save me some money, thinking that we could pull it off... but then... set ups, decorating, cooking, entertaining the guests, taking care of the birthday girl... errr... let's just say, I didn't get to layout all the decorations that I did, and I didn't get to take the pictures of all of those I have putted out. Nevertheless... we had a great time and hope you'll enjoy it too...

Her invitation card, welcome poster board and wishing tree of messages from friends who couldn't make it to her party...

Her edible giveaways :)

More giveaways for game prizes... I got these glassine bags from Print Your Party. You just print on them... Perfect for so many things at your party! Use with favors, candy stations, confetti and all kinds of other treats and goodies!

Her centerpiece giveaway... I got that cute pink rectangular cafe plate from Shop Sweet Lulu and that cute heart shaped doily from it item... If you haven't heard of them both... OMG... I highly recommend you to go check it out! ;)

Ready to eat and drink? :) Oh! Before I forget... I do want you to get these white photo gloss sticker labels I got from Labels by the Sheet! I used them on the cups... and amazingly, it was durable and my prints didn't even fade when it got wet. Awesome!

Her sweet tooth table :)

I got the Aqua Polkadot cupcake wrapper from Shop Sweet Lulu again and the Pastel light pink polkadot cupcake wrapper from littlemonsterhugs...

Her 4oz cookies n' creme chocolate bar... with her birth facts at the back side and names of her Godparents :)


The birthday girl with her party hat, badge and high chair :)

Welp! That's it hehehe... Hope you all did enjoy surfing through... If you need any help from me for your parties... just holla! We can work something out ;)

** This party also won Party Planning Connection's Party Theme Contest! (Proud!) **