Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I love Valentine's Day...

I love it when it is almost Valentine's day and it's not because of love and romance LOL! Truth is... I'm a sucker for heart shapes! I love cute stuffs! And as V day gets closer... you'll see so many heart shaped displays or stuffs on sale! Gotta love it!

Anyway, the other day when I was at Walmart, I saw these bake pans!!! And I thought, how cute are these? Although I am not a huge cake eater at all... I love to bake! Baking is my thing so how could I pass this up?! It is only $9.00 usd!!! And so it is now into my possession LOL!

And today, while Nyomi was behaving... I decided to make my triple chocolate cake and hazelnut frosting using them pans...

And just as I was about to decorate the cake... Yes! My darling child decides to drive me crazy and wants my solid attention. So I skipped the whole frosting process and piping the cake was rushed... LOL! So yeah... Just look at it hahahaha... epic fail!

Oh well... it was yummy despite how it looked! And that's my Highlight for today! How about you? How was your Sunday? Hope you all have/had a great day! Till I blog again :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog Revival Alert...

Well... Pretty much self-explanatory... I'm reviving this blog and hope it'll stick LOL with the help of this blogger app I've installed since I use my phone now more than the computers itself.

Anyhoo... Like the usual, there's nothing really that interesting but if you like reading crazy people's vents and what not, then you're at the right place!

So just keep checking back for my future posts. And if it seem like there's no updates in a while (again lol)... Just gimme a nudge, will ya?