Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Change Blogger Simple Template Sidebar Background Color Part 1

This is so random but a friend of mine was having troubles changing her blog's sidebar color using the new blogger interface's "Simple Template" and have asked me for help since I'm also using the new blogger interface's simple template for my biz blog. Well, ok, so I'm no expert LOL, but I thought I'd share how I edited mine just in case anybody else out there is having the same problem.

Again, this is for the New Blogger Interface "Simple Template"...

First: Go to Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed

Second: Press "ctrl+f" for windows or "command+f" for mac and find the code below

Third: Right above that code, copy and paste this code below

Fourth: So it should look like this

Last: Click Preview or Save Template and you're done! :)

And yes, it is just a simple css code but with this simple code, you can really do so much more! Change the background color to your desire, add border if you wish and all that jazz! LOL!

Nothing fancy but hopefully, it's how you want it and will work for you too! Good luck! :)

For more details: Check Out Part 2!


  1. Appreciation for great content. I’m certainly glad I had taken the time to learn this.

  2. Finally a tutorial that gives the right information. Thanks!

  3. How do you add a border to this and such? :)

    1. If you want a border for the whole side bar, then add the border code right with this code after background. If you want only certain widgets to have borders, you would need the widget id and put the border code there. Check out Part 2 :)

  4. thank you for this wonderful and informative post!.. i totally use this information for my blog and now here it is

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  6. Thanks for posting something that actually works. You wouldn't believe how many useless tutorials I came across! I look forward to checking out the rest of your page!

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  9. Wow, That's a nice method...... If I want to remove background from image, is Photoshop is perfect?? or gimp?

  10. Nothing happened. Why is that?

  11. Literally I tried six other tutorials for this before I found yours, and yours is the only one that worked. THANK YOU. (Love your blog btw)

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