My name is Aubrey Cañedo.

You can call me "Aubzie" if you wish or even just "Aubz" for short, but only those really close to me calls me "Brey".

I was born on the 21st of November, 1978. A Filipina, born and raised in Hong Kong, and is now residing in the United States. With that said, I'm multicultural and trilingual, I can speak Cantonese, English and Tagalog.

My divorced parents are both filipinos (cebuanos to be exact). I have two elder sisters and one younger brother.

I am now married after being committed to a relationship for the past 14 years... Ha! Yes... I caved! LOL! I am also a mother of only one and enough (for now).

Music plays a huge part in my life and I used to sing professionally, but with many reasons, I am now a homemaker with casual home recordings when time allows.

I also love movies, T.V shows and soaps, even those from other countries. And my life is a set of series itself which made me who I am today...

...and if you want to get to know me more... why stop here?! ツ