Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My First Sell...

Wow! I totally forgot to blog about it! LOL!

But yup! I have sold an item over on etsy! And you have no idea how that first sell felt like... it was just truly exciting! LOL I Love it! (who doesn't like getting paid, right? hahahaha...)

Anyway, I have created a blog for Party Prints & Pieces! Hop on over and bookmark it and visit regularly for updates and new items!

Thanks dears! Lezzdodizzz :):)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Party Prints & Pieces...

Weeeeee!!! I have an exciting news to share!!!

My friend, Hanna Boyle, and I have finally opened our lil online shop over at etsy!!!! And yup! We're Party Prints & Pieces!

Although there's still loads to do and tons to work on... we are just very happy to announce that this is it and got "what-just-a-plan" started!

As of now, we have one listing for sell which is a DIY Printable Sesame Street Miniature Hershey's wrapper... and will add more very very soon! 

So be sure to hop on over at and show us some love! And of course, check back here and our shop regularly for updates!!!

Thanks guys!!!! Lotsa love :) :)