About Me

Your first IMPRESSION of ME...
Unapproachable... That is what people usually say. Maybe so, but I don't ever mean to! But then again, I am totally fine with how I project myself because it keeps the majority of those unworthy ones away.

Like a mirror, I am how you treat me with an extra kick. If you're genuinely nice to me, I'll be twice as nice to you. If you treat me bad, I'll be 4x worse the treatment towards you. So, if you happen to hate me, you only have yourself to blame.

❝I've been endowed with a pair of the most piercing of eyes to achieve the ability to penetrate into the very essence of another person’s being.❞

I can see through you, not in a psychic manner, but like an x-ray vision, even a small fraction of falsity will not escape from me. I can read your thoughts of what you just said or about to say, and even what you are not saying.

Take note: I may not call you out on that though, and so it would be best if you just stay sincere and just be your true self around me to avoid making a fool out of yourself. In other words, please do take your masks, props and pretenses elsewhere!

But then of course, that was just an advice and I do know for a fact that some people does not like taking advices and would rather stick around. It's all good, this is just a blog... so nevertheless, friend or foe, reading or lurking, the rest of me is just for you to figure out... bit by bit... ツ