Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coloring Cakes...

I decided to bake earlier today and because it was rainy and cold out, I did not want to go out to get the ingredients that I would need... so I went ahead and used what we currently have in the kitchen.

Normally, I would bake some chocolate related cake LOL but with what I have, I had to go by the simple white cake. But somewhere in the pantry, I saw my sister had this neon food colorings and I thought... hey... for the heck of it, why not?!!!

It was in four colors - Turquoise, Pink, Purple and Lime Green... So I separated the batter into 4 for each one.

The funny thing is, after I mixed all that, I realized that I don't have enough bake pans (I left mine at my mom's house) and there's no way I have the time to bake one or two at a time... So I used ramekins for time's sake and that one heart shaped pan for the extra mixture...

So while the cake was in the oven, I searched online for some icing recipe. I tried one out and my goodness... it was way too sweet for me... so not going to work so I trashed it! Then I ran out of shortening and butter hahahaha... so forget about the icing.

When the cake was done and ready for cooling... I went ahead and cleaned after my mess. And just as I turned around and was gonna take a picture of how the cake looked... Noel freaking took a huge bite on it! LOL!!!! He thought I had already taken the picture because I was already cleaning up! Welp... you gotta work with what you got and do what you gotta do! LOL

Anyhoo, I guess that bite added some character into it LOL!!!! And as for the heart shaped pan... I just had all the colors mixed together and here's the outcome...

So that's one of the fun things you can do with cakes and sure did put a smile on my daughter's face. Hope you guys have/had a reason to smile today... Till I blog again!