Friday, March 1, 2013


What's happening, darlings???!!! My apologies that I have not blogged in quite some time... Well... WOW! Since last year October! What a shame!

A lot has been going on actually... from the busy holidays to a whole lot of doctor check ups and personal matters to take care of. I will also have another precautionary cancer treatment this coming summer, so that's going to be fun... NOT!

Anyhoo, I'm thinking of opening another online shop... it's going to be more of a personal touch though, more of a homie feel with me. I will still be selling printables and those printables that I have on Party Prints & Pieces. I might occasionally sell some extra party supplies, so watch out for that! :)

For now, I hope all is well with you all my fellow readers and bloggers. I promise I'll stop by your blogs soon!

Love love love...

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